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Picture Rocket eBook, electronic reader for books
$149, 1.3 pounds, stores 4000 pages
Rocket eBook
The Rocket has landed!
About the size of a paperback the Rocket eBook™ holds some 4000 pages of words and images. That´s about 10 novels. Weighting just 22 ounces, the rocket eBook nestles easily in the curve of your palm. And it goes everywhere you go - so you can take off in any direction and never be far from what you want or need to read.
The Rocket eBook™ has been developed by the NuvoSoft company and is distributed by officeMax (click here to buy YOUR Rocket eBook now). The Rocket eBook™ takes book buying to the next level, from online ordering to online delivery, and lets you browse, annotate and bookmark. Think of the Rocket eBook™ as a portable library that hold all your business and pleasure reading, accessible, anytime, anywhere.
RCA eBook 1100 (2000)
RCA eBook 1200 (2001)
Rocket eBook Pro (1999)
Rocket eBook - Basic version (1999)
With the Rocket eBook™ the latest titles are only a mouseclick away.
Electronic books for the Rocket eBook™ can be easily purchased at Barnes and Nobles.

Franklin Ebookman reader
$179.95, 1.5 pounds
Franklin Ebookman
Handheld multimedia reader and content player with large, backlit display area. Download and read thousands of electronic books or documents, or listen to audio books. Listen to your favorite music in MP3 format. Write notes in your own handwriting, and record messages in your own voice Keep track of your important numbers, dates, and appointments.
Franklin Ebookman EBM 901 Metallic Black with 8 MB Memory (2001)
Franklin Ebookman EBM 911 Translucent Graphite with 16 MB Memory (2001)

Picture SoftBook, electronic book reader System by Softbook
$299.95 plus $20 montly subscription,
2.9 pounds, stores 1500 pages
The lightweight, portable SoftBook, with its built-in Internet connection allows professionals to easily, quickly and securely download and read a wide selection of corporate documents, books, and periodicals. The base SoftBook holds 1,500 pages of text. The memory can be expanded. Just like a book, the SoftBook becomes "ready to read"
by simply opening the built-in protective cover. Material on the SoftBook is displayed and read one page at a time. You can also search for words and phrases, view text in a choice of font sizes, make annotations directly on the screen, erase them, highlight text, bookmark pages and link to related information. Refreshing the SoftBook with new reading material simply requires connecting to the SoftBook Network. No computer is necessary. The SoftBook features a built-in 33.6 kbps modem that automatically connects to the SoftBook Network simply by plugging into a standard phone jack. Typical download of a 300-page book takes about three minutes. Opening the cover instantly activates the 9.5-inch display to wherever you were last - either the Bookshelf or the current page of the book you were reading. The bright, backlit grayscale screen provides a pleasing black-on-white contrast for easy reading without requiring any additional light source. The screen is touch sensitive, allowing you to simply tap icon menus to open new books and interact with the SoftBook. SoftBook Press develops and markets an advanced paperless publishing and distribution system that includes the SoftBook, an electronic book. In addition SoftBook Press provides content from leading publishing partners to consumers in their Soft Bookstore. Based in Menlo Park, California, SoftBook Press, Inc. is a privately held company.

Picture Everybook Dedicated Reader™, electronic reader for books
$1500, 3.6 pounds, stores 500000 pages
Everybook´s Dedicated Reader™
Having two high resolution (1280 by 1024 pixel) color screens, the Dedicated Reader™ targets the professional user. With a price of $1500 the Dedicated Reader™ currently marks the upper end
of the price range of electronic book readers. (A lower priced student version has been announced for the end of this year). One disadvantage might be the higher weight (over 3.5 pounds) compared to it´s competitors.

Librius Millennium EBook, electronic reader for books
$199, 1.0 pounds, stores 5000 pages
Librius Millennium EBook
The Millennium EBook is competitivly priced and offers the advantages of low weight and simple operations. In fact this reader only has 7 buttons, which control all operations. The Millennium EBook works like the Rocket eBook. You plug it into a PC, then download texts through the computer to the reader. The Millennium EBook includes a bright backlight to allow reading in difficult, low light areas such as on
airplanes or in bed, without disturbing others. The display screen is also easily readable in direct sunlight. Millennium EBook lets the user select from several type sizes for text characters. Now, any book can be available in large type! The proprietary, bit-mapped design of the display allows for books to be in any language … from Chinese to Tagalog. Long life, rechargable, removable batteries operate for up to 18 hours. The biggest advantage over its competitors is the large library of over 10.000 titles including romances and popular fiction, in addition to professional and educational texts These can be purchased at the Librius World Bookstore.
Summerwood LunchBOOK
Summerwood LunchBOOK
LunchBOOK™ a rugged, colorful, kid-proof lunch-box type carrying case styling reader aims at the kids and will make its debut in schools. LunchBOOK™ becomes the take-it-with-you part of The Learning Station™, Summerland's popular height-adjustable, grow-with-me
styled, wired convertible computer desk. LunchBOOK relies on good old DOS as operating system, pointing out that this allows its book to be read for years, regardless how technology changes.
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Rocket eBook
Franklin Ebookman
SoftBook Electronic Book
Everybook Dedicated Reader
Librius Millennium EBook
Summerwood System

Ectaco Electronic Dictionaries

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